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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office?
What is your cancellation policy?

What do I need to bring?
Where do I meet the guide?
Can I bring my kids, or is there an age limit?
Do you paddle rain or shine?
Is there a weight limit for your kayaks?

Eco Tours:
What do I need to bring?
Where do I meet the guide?
What if it rains? Or snows?

Q: Where is your office?
A: Our office is located in the lobby of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Click here for directions.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: We have a 10 day cancellation policy for all trips. Any cancellations received prior to 10 days may be rescheduled or refunded. There is no refund for cancellations within 10 days of your trip. We will try to fill vacancies left by last-minute cancellations, and if successful, this policy may be waived at the discretion of management. 

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Please dress for the weather - if it's sunny out, we recommend sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat or other sun protection. If it is cloudy or rainy, we recommend a light rain jacket or weather-appropriate clothing. A water bottle is a great idea, and feel free to bring along a granola bar or power bar if you think you might need a snack on your trip.

Q: Where do I meet the guide?
A: For Harrison River trips, please meet your guide at our office - located inside the lobby of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Click here for directions.

Q: Can I bring my kids, or is there an age limit?
A: Children 12 and up are welcome on all other tours in a tandem with an adult. We do not recommend that children under the age of 16 attempt the tours in single kayaks.

Please note: all children under 16 must have a parent or guardian with them at all times, and a signed waiver form is required for all participants. Staff may request that a parent or guardian accompany a child in a tandem kayak at their discretion.

Q: Do you paddle rain or shine?
A: Yes! We do. Please dress appropriately for the weather - if it is raining out, we recommend bringing a rain jacket, or other weather appropriate gear. Only in cases where the weather presents a hazard to paddlers (such as lightning or high winds) will we cancel a tour. Please see our cancellation policy above for more information.

Q: Is there a weight limit for your kayaks?
A: Most of our fleet is made up of Pungo 120 and 140 kayaks. There is a maximum capacity of 325 lbs / 147kg for the 120s, and 350 lbs / 159kg for the 140s. Cockpits are 22" / 56cm wide in both models. 

Eco Tours
Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: Definitely do not forget your camera! Otherwise, our boats are equipped with all safety equipment, life jackets, etc, as well as having plenty of bottled water. The boats are covered and heated, but please dress appropriately for the weather to ensure your comfort throughout the trip.

Q: Where do I meet the guide?
A: Once you have booked your trip, you can meet your guide at the dock directly in front of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Click here for directions.

Q: What if it rains? Or snows?
A: Our boats are covered and heated for your comfort in all weather. The forward seating area is kept comfortable and cozy, while the back deck is open for photographic opportunities. During our Winter Eagle Watching Tours, cloudy, rainy or snowy weather provides better viewing opportunities! When skies are clear, more Eagles will be in flight up higher. With a lower cloud ceiling, most birds tend to stay lower down, within range of sight, or in the trees and on the beach where you can experience these amazing birds up close. 

Share Your Experience:

Leah Bruce
Leah Bruce
23:38 14 Aug 18
My gf bought a groupon and 4 of us took part in a 2 hr kayak up the Harrison River a couple Saturdays ago. It's a beautiful area to paddle and it was nice to go with a guide since we had never kayaked there before and she showed us the safest places to paddle away from the other deeper side that the boats use. I was disappointed that we didn't get to go further, but my gf's shoulder was bugging her and we decided to just hang out in the bay. Also, it does take some time to paddle back, especially when you are headed straight into the wind and it gets choppy on the lake. Our guide was Karla and she was very personable. She also took some groups shots for us on her phone and then emailed them to me. Thanks Karla! We will back for the longer Kilby trip one day soon!read more
Warren Douglas
Warren Douglas
22:01 29 Apr 16
What an amazing eco-trip down the Harrison river. The Harrison is so full of life and biodiversity. Amazing when you think it is only 90 minutes from Vancouver. The tour boat was roomy, warm and dry. Bring your best camera for some amazing pics!. I can't wait to go back in Eagle salmon and eagle season.read more
Robert Blackstad
Robert Blackstad
08:30 08 Dec 19
We saw hundreds of bald eagles from the river. It was incredible. Our pilot and guide, Frank, was very informative about the area and wildlife. We would highly recommend this trip.
Scot Heath
Scot Heath
19:51 18 Nov 19
Tony was our guide. Extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional. He got us close enough to get great views of the eagles but not so close as to disturb them and was very conscientious about other boaters on the river. It was a fantastic experience.
Ellyette Singleton
Ellyette Singleton
17:52 18 Oct 19
Absolutely incredible experience! I have been in and around Harrison numerous times (I live 15 minutes away!) though this boat tour introduced me to a part of Harrison I'd never experienced before. Huge shout out to our guide, Molly, who was the perfect host and offered great insights into the area. Thank you SO much and can't wait to try out a hiking and kayak trip in the summer! MUST DO in Harrison.read more
Eileen Heath
Eileen Heath
02:23 17 Nov 19
Tony was an excellent guide! We couldn't have asked for a better experience! It was unbelievable! We will definitely do this again.
Alison Pickering
Alison Pickering
21:05 02 Jan 19
I had an absolutely fabulous experience with Harrison Eco Tours I visited in December /January I visited rainbow waterfalls they were truly stunningI also went on an eagle tour and managed to get up close to a juvenile bald eagle, I felt truly blessed (what an experience)I have also visited in June where I had the opportunity to see the Ospreys and lucky enough to see a bear swimming across the river Would highly recommend Harrison Eco toursThe guides were great and very informative Just book on line or call in to the office in Harrison Hot Springs Hotelread more

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